Kamis, 11 Februari 2016

Top Hip Hop Songs

Top Hip Hop Songs
The site "Top Hip Hop Music" was created by myself, Adam Safar. I am here to tell you all about why I made a site such as this and what's in it for you to view the content. I will tell you why you should think about certain things in your life the way that I have thought in mine.

Music has a message in each song that you hear. I have created this site for others to explain what they think that message is. I am currently writing in my content what I believe those songs mean to me and how they relate to certain situations of my life. Music is not only just art, it is a teacher.

What I mean by "Teacher" is when you listen to the songs of these artists, understand why they are such a beautiful song. Is there another reason you feel obligated to listen to the song a few different times? Is there a possibility that the music is sending messages to your brain as you are hearing them that the lyrics relate to something going on in your life?

I am here to bring out those feelings in viewers as I did for myself. The content I type on each page comes from my heart. If they relate to certain things you feel, please leave your comment about what you think. Remember that no post is a "bad" post when you say it from your heart.

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