Senin, 01 Februari 2016

best ayurveda packages in kerala

best ayurveda packages in kerala
Dharmagiri is one of  the lush green hillock at the environs of Trivandrum – Kerala. The center expands itself to its calm and amply facilitated cottages, inducing oneself to the serenity of nature. The space at dharmagiri is shared between you and the herbs and trees that thrive freely entwined with the surroundings, harmonizing a natural rhythm within.

Specially designed cottages exuberate, a state of spacious wellness and elegant style, making you relax to the Scenic ambience of the place. A little walk to the hilltop will lead you to the Sacred Grove where you can meditate under the gentle shades of trees.

As the aroma of the ancient herbs and the passionate care steadily works for your body; you will unwind yourself to the soothing sound of the gentle breeze and the magic of the healing hands.

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