Rabu, 24 Februari 2016

Best laser hair removal nyc

Best laser hair removal nyc
Bared Monkey is dedicated to offer superior and affordable permanent Laser Hair Removal services for our customers. We use Alma Soprano Diode Laser which is the gold standard in the laser hair industry. Based on the powerful Diode laser technology, the Diode laser ensures deeper penetration, faster treatment session, minimize the risk of side effects and optimize the results.

We believe Laser Hair Removal should be PAINLESS to Your Skin and Your Wallet.

Our technicians are professionally trained and well-experienced in various skin types including darker and very light skin types. We will evaluate your skin and hair color and your medical history when you come in and give you expert advice on what type of treatment procedure will work best for you. We offer all this, with excellent, friendly service while still being able to be one of the most affordable laser spa in New York City.

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