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sizegenetics reviews

sizegenetics reviews
Sizegenetics is a male enhancement device commonly referred to as a penis extender (or stretcher). This method of male enlargement has gained popularity over the past few years since it’s one of the few that actually works. While many other products in this segment make enticing claims they can’t deliver on (like gaining 2? to 4? in just a few weeks), extenders offer a legitimate solution for men who are realistic and motivated to get bigger.
Sizegenetics works by relying on the principle of traction to enlarge your manhood. It consists in applying a constant level of tension to promote “cytokinesis” which is a process that causes cells to split and multiply. These new cells become the foundation of the new tissue required to give you additional length. This concept is not new and has been used for years by doctors to stretch the limbs of patients with stunted growth.
Even though you can find many other extenders on the market, very few are registered as type 1 medical devices and have received FDA approval. Sizegenetics has not only received the endorsement of well respected doctors but is also backed by extensive clinical studies that prove its ability to lengthen the male anatomy. As an added benefit, it also helps to correct what is know as Peyronies (or Bent Penis Syndrome) for men whose manhood is curved.
Of course, the most important criteria in choosing a male enlargement method is the potential gains it offers. Men are not simply looking for a method that works (which isn’t always easy) but also one that offers results that will justify the cost, time, and effort they are willing to spend. Growth potential can vary greatly from one person to another and also depends on whether the user has prior experience.

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